1. Create the theater at home
Children have very vivid imaginations so stories and characters often come easy make finger pupets out of paper and using the back of your sofa put on a show.

2. Make your own magazines
Dig out old magazines and help your child cut out their favourite adverts, images and features. They can mount them in a new magazine all of their own and use the images as a basis for creative stories, quizzes and fun activities. Another idea is to use different eye/face/hair/body cut outs and mix them up to create some comical looking collages.

3. Grow cress
Get some dried out egg shells and let your child use paints to create funny faces on the surface. Once the paint is dry, fill them with damp cotton wool and cress seeds and watch their crazy cress hair start to grow! You can make the activity even more fun by growing your own and using any hair cuts.

4. Design a robot
Grab any old cereal boxes, loo rolls and tin foil and let your child make their own robot model. If you have lots of spare craft materials, let them loose with the buttons, ribbon, sequins and string to create something truly unique.

5). Making music
Go into those cupboards and dig out a variety of kitchen utensils, pots and pans. And let them create their own little steel band. Pepper mills make great maracas or you could try putting pulses or dried pasta inside empty glass containers to see what different sounds can be made. The good thing about this activity is it requires little input on your part – simply lay everything out and let them go for it!