January Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all


The Nursery staff would like to take this opportunity to say a Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you for all your lovely cards and presents and kind words

Meet the team

Jane – acting Manager.

Claire – Acting Deputy and Oaks room leader.

Harriet – Senior staff, Acorn room leader.

Kasie, Kelly Anne – Nursery practitioners.

Kirsty and Lisa – Bank staff

Rosie – Apprentice

Danielle and Shanie – students

The photo board will be updated as soon as possible


Staff qualifications

Please note that there is a staff certificates folder permanently next to the computer table in the nursery reception along side all the parent folders for your viewing.


Ideas Board

There is an ideas board on the wall opposite Nursery reception, please feel free too write any suggestions you have on there.

This term our theme is outer space

Some examples: we will be making a large rocket as a group and 3D planets

Please Help

Please can I ask you all to bring in the following

. Any old broken small electrical items, plugs or sockets and small screw drivers etc.

. Car Manual, DIY books, Gardening books, Nature books.

They are for the children to do adult led activities where they can explore how things come apart and fix back together. This is an essential part of learning particularly for boys.

Thank you